11 february 2020

Kaliningrad international airport (Khrabrovo) team won regional championship – Young Professionals 2020 WorldSkills Russia

Air Transport Service competitions within the IV Open Regional Championship ‘Young Professionals’ (WorldSkills Russia) 2020 took part at Khrabrovo airport of the Kaliningrad region on February 4-6.

Four teams competed for the title of the best professional. There were two directions of the competitions named ‘Registration Agent’ and ‘Aviation Security Inspector’. Members of the teams were employees of passenger transportation and aviation security services. A team of Moscovia students took part in the event as well.

The competitions were a professional skill contest where the participants demonstrated their skills and performed a number of practical tasks in a limited amount of time. The contest was held in conditions close to actual airport services operation.

Each team had to demonstrate its high level of skills in servicing “the passengers”, among whom there were confrontational passengers, passengers with lots of luggage, passengers with disabilities and passengers with items prohibited for transportation. The volunteers, students of the Kaliningrad State College of Service and Tourism, helped the teams cope with the task.

Skill experts evaluated performance and assigned points to teams. The team with the most points was the winner of the competition.

The official closing ceremony of WorldSkills regional championship wad held on February 7 at the Kaliningrad stadium. More than 180 winners received awards, including the teams of Kaliningrad international airport (Khrabrovo).

The winning team of the airport will take part in the National Championship of WorldSkills Russia in Novokuznetsk in 2020.


Regional stage of Young Professionals 2020 WorldSkills Russia championship took place in Kaliningrad on February 3-6. It gathered 349 participants from 13 regions of the Russian Federation. 430 experts evaluated the professionalism of the competitors in 44 areas. In Kaliningrad region, the competition took place on 12 sites, and for the first time, the region hosted Air Transport Service area of WorldSkills at Khrabrovo airport. WorldSkills (Young Professionals in Russia) is an international non-profit movement aimed at increasing the prestige of service jobs, as well status and standards for professional training both inside one country and around the world. The movement started in 1953 and has 76 countries-participants. Russia became the 60th country to join WorldSkills International in 2012. 



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