3 june 2019

The Khrabrovo Airport took part in the Children’s Professions Festival ProfiKids

On 31 May and 1 June the second Children’s Professions Festival ProfiKid was held in the Kaliningrad’s Yunost Park. The Khrabrovo Airport presented its equipped platform at the festival, where visitors - children aged 5 to 18 - could learn the work of aviation security service professionals and air ticket registration agents. The children learned how the pre-flight inspection is carried out, what special tools and equipment are used to conduct the search, and how important the work of aviation security professionals is. The children independently conducted screening of visitors with a manual metal detector.

After the search, everyone went to the check-in desk, where ticket agents helped understand the details of the check-in for passengers. All the guys were quite happy to come up with destinations where they would like to fly, and checked in for the flight, got a real boarding pass and a baggage tag for bags, and ‘departed’. After check-in, it was possible to take a picture on the plane, even if it was drawn, and dream about travelling.

The airport site deserved special attention. For two days, it was visited by a large number of children with their parents. No doubt, both adults and children noted that it was very interesting and informative to learn and try new professions.


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