29 may 2019

At the Khrabrovo Airport, the management team took part in the Carriers business game

Last Saturday, on 25 May, the main management team of the Khrabrovo Airport took part in the Carriers business game, Cross-Functional Communication and Innovations, which was held by BIRC Int.

The general director of the Airport set the main goals for the organisers, an opportunity to look at building a business from a new perspective, to show the impact of a correctly built cross-functional interaction on the result and team building of key business employees.

Such an event for airport employees was held for the first time, and it became a unique game simulator, where the main business processes and situations of interaction with colleagues were modelled. In the game, employees from scratch created a company that builds railroads and transports goods; the company’s main divisions responsible for the engineering and design part and finance, were modelled; the working and management staff. The participants had to manage production, calculate costs, build roads and lay optimal routes, while the participants in business simulations played unusual roles for themselves, where financiers had to master production processes, and production managers studied how to calculate the budget, the top management team learnt the tribulations of the workers.

The practical part of the game provided new management tools and enhanced the communication competence of the participants after passing through 3 stages of building and transporting real goods (although toy ones); the team achieved its business objectives, the client was satisfied, and the owner generated some profit.

Certainly, an important feature of the event was the emotional unity in showing emotional engagement in the result, the participants held their breath, watched the locomotive drive along a given route and enjoyed a successful decision or were upset if profits were lost due to any badly predicted costs and poorly laid routes.

One of the main results of the event was the opportunity for the participants to understand barriers that may hinder the achievement of a good result, and make decisions that will make it possible for each leader to be more effective in his or her activities.

Business simulation became a starting point for a major project designed to raise the skills of the Khrabrovo Airport managers which will be implemented in 2019-2020.


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