22 january 2019

Khrabrovo airport started servicing aircraft with container loading of baggage

Starting from January 15, 2019, Khrabrovo airport began servicing aircraft with container loading of baggage. Today, all Aeroflot flights operated by Khrabrovo are serviced in a new way. Unloading and loading of baggage is carried out using special containers. Such loading allows reducing the time for servicing the aircraft and the passengers. Special containers with baggage are unloaded from the aircraft, instead of each bag and suitcase individually. The same procedure is used for loading baggage into the aircraft. When carried in containers, the baggage is less susceptible to damage, environmental effects and dirt. The new technology allows to improve the quality of airport services and the efficiency of operations in preparing the aircraft for departure.

To be able to handle the aircraft with containers, Khrabrovo airport purchased a TLD TXL – 838 – UNI container loader last spring, as well as the necessary container dollies. The container loader design allows servicing all decks of cargo and passenger aircraft. Employees of Khrabrovo airport completed special training to be able to work with the new technology.

Khrabrovo airport is ready to service all the flights of all the airlines flying to Kaliningrad in a completely new way. At the moment, negotiations with other air carriers on servicing aircraft with container loading of baggage are underway.

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