Fees and terms

Parking area in Khrabrovo airport

Khrabrovo airport provides several parking options:

Free parking lot

It is located 400 meters from the terminal and has 200 parking spaces.

Staff parking lot

Staff parking lot is for use by employees of JSC «Airport Khrabrovo» and visitors of the cargo terminal, who have entry passes and relevant documentation for dispatch/reception of cargo.

Short-term pay-for parking lot

It is located on the terminal square of Khrabrovo airport. The first 15 minutes of the first hour is free of charge.

Long-term pay-for parking lot

Entry to a long-term parking lot is through the terminal square.

ATTENTION! Information on changes in terms of payment and provision of long-term parking at Khrabrovo airport

Since fall, 2017, long-term pay-for parking lot of Khrabrovo airport is under reconstruction. The passengers and the visitors of the airport can park their cars for a long period on the territory of the short-term parking lot, located in front of the terminal. The service cost is 300 rubles for every full or incomplete day.

Paying for long-term parking at the payment terminal is temporarily not available.

Please pay for long-term parking at the cashier’s desk while leaving the parking lot.

We apologize for temporary inconveniences and thank you for your understanding!

Fees for pay-for parking lots of Khrabrovo airport

Parking type Fee, RUB
Short-term parking lot 50 (for every full or incomplete hour; first 15 minutes are free of charge)
Long-term parking lot 300 (for every full or incomplete day)
Parking ticket breakage/damage 100 (one-time payment)
Parking ticket loss/transfer to another person 450 (one-time payment)


  • Entry to pay-for parking lots is carried out after you receive a parking ticket, which is automatically issued by entry stands at the parking area;
  • Parking tickets are to be returned when you leave the parking lot;
  • Fees for breakage, damage, loss, transfer of a parking ticket to another person or violation of parking rules are paid at the parking lot cashier’s desk;
  • Parking area services are paid for at the parking terminals, located at the exit from the airport terminal and in the parking area;
  • Parking is free for people with first or second category disability, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Heroes of the Russian Federation/USSR/Socialist Labour, Commanders of the Order of Glory and the Order of Labour Glory of the third degree presenting the corresponding certificate.
  • After the payment of parking, it is necessary to leave the terminal square within 15 minutes;
  • JSC «Airport Khrabrovo» is not responsible for the safety of the parking clients’ cars.

Parking controller’s phone:

  • +7 906 214 8834

Administrator’s phone

  • +7 906 214 8114