Baggage Storage

Baggage storage is located on the ground floor of the terminal building.

The check-in baggage is kept at the airport for 2 days, including the day of arrival of the aircraft on which the check-in baggage is delivered, without charging an additional fee. The carrier or the handling company provides further storage of check-in baggage.

 The cost of baggage storage services (rub):

Стоимость услуг камеры хранения

Name of service

Standard baggage (50cm*50cm*100cm)

Non-standard baggage (more than 50cm*50cm*100cm)

Baggage storage for up to 12 hours

245 310

Baggage storage for 24 hours

365 485

Baggage storage for up to 1 week

1885 2670

Baggage storage for up to 1 month


Baggage Storage