1 october 2018

Khrabrovo airport held integration exercise on air accident response

From September 24 to September 28, 2018, comprehensive exercise on rectification of the consequences of an air accident (emergency landing of an aircraft on an airfield) was held at Khrabrovo airport. Within the framework of integration exercise, joint actions were carried out by employees of the services of Khrabrovo Airport, the departments of Russian State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the territorial center of disaster medicine.

According to the tactical plan, there was a starboard landing gear break during the hard landing of A-320 aircraft at Khrabrovo airport. After touching the runway, the right engine destroys causing jet fuel spillage and ignition. By the time of stopping, the plane is in a pool of burning fuel. There are 142 passengers and 6 crew members on board the aircraft. To carry out the evacuation of passengers, the crew requires firefighters’ assistance.

After receiving the training task, all emergency services involved in the exercise are to arrive at the scene of the accident and start the elimination of the consequences of an emergency landing of the aircraft. It was necessary to carry out the evacuation of passengers and the provision of medical assistance to those who were conditionally injured at the scene of the accident.

During the training, the following was successfully practiced: extinguishing various types of fire; assisting the crew of the aircraft in carrying out the evacuation of passengers in the presence of a fire; first aid to victims, including emergency medical care in extreme conditions, close to the accident site; interaction of medical staff of Khrabrovo airport with the arriving emergency medical service teams and the coordinator of the territorial center of disaster medicine; psychological assistance to the non-uninjured; delivery and use of special technical means for evacuating an aircraft from the airfield.


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