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After March 31, Khrabrovo switches to spring-summer flight schedule After March 31, Khrabrovo switches to spring-summer flight schedule

Khrabrovo airport switches to the spring-summer flight schedule, in the period from March 31 until October 26, 2019.

25 june 2018

Khrabrovo airport reopened mother-and-child rooms

Last week, renovated mother-and-child rooms opened at Khrabrovo airport. The rooms are situated on the second floor of the terminal building in the right wing next to preflight inspection area. The rooms have modern furniture and equipment and meet all the requirements for comfortable stay of passengers with children.

The mother-and-child room is designed for servicing departing passengers with preschool children (under the age of 7) and disabled children up to the age of 14.

Passengers with children are welcome to the mother-and-child room after the airport medical staff examines the children in the first aid room, after getting a medical certificate of established form, and after showing a passport, child’s birth certificate, prenatal record (for pregnant women) and a ticket or boarding pass.

No fee is charged for staying in the mother-and-child room. Spacious bedrooms and a playroom are opened for the little passengers and their mothers 24 hours a day.

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